Nancy Sorenson, Provo, has joined the Zion Institute for Children, formerly Zions School for Children, as a workshop instructor.

Sorenson specializes in a reading program that offers parents, teachers and students an organized way to simplify teaching and learning processes. Most recently she has been working with the reading programs at the Waterford School. She will also share her skills with parents or teachers who need help teaching the language arts.Zion Institute has been conducting workshops for parents and teachers who wish to supplement or replace their children's learning environment with LDS-oriented curriculum guides, philosophy and materials.

Workshops will be held May 26-28, at 95 W. Fourth North, Provo. Dr. Reed Bradford, Dr. Reed Nibley, Dr. Garr Cranny and Dr. Larry Gale, as well as Pamela McCoy, institute director, will conduct sessions.

For registration and information call 377-6568.