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If chief executive officers of some of the nation's companies read a Wall Street Journal article last week about Utah's liquor laws, would they get a bad impression of the state that could hurt economically?

Fred S. Ball, president of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce believes so. But instead of sending a reply to the author and his bosses, Ball said other things will be done, including bringing some possible wording changes to the attention of the Legislature in a June special session.In Tuesday's chamber Board of Governors meeting, Ball said the article written by Journal reporter Ken Wells was another example of "Utah bashing," but he won't send a reply because "that only adds fuel to the fire."

Rather than send a reply, Ball said he has met with officials of the Utah Restaurant Association to make certain that restaurant employees know how to serve liquor at the table as is now allowed by a recent change in the liquor law.

"The article hurt us very badly," Ball said, and he will attempt to meet with the Legislature in the June special session to talk about some wording changes.