Two Southern Utah State Faculty members, professors of English and authors of two very different books, are co-recipients of the college's first Faculty Publication Award.

Dr. Michael P. Cohen received the award for "The Pathless Way: John Muir and American Wilderness." Dr. David Lee is a fellow winner for "The Porcine Canticles," a book of narrative poetry."The Pathless Way: John Muir and American Wilderness," is the 1982 winner of the University of Wisconsin's Mark H. Ingraham Prize and the 1982 Utah Arts Council Non-Fiction Award. It was published by the University of Wisconsin Press in 1984.

"The Porcine Canticles" was published in 1984 by Copper Canyon Press. It includes the long poem "The Muffler and the Law," winner of the 25th Annual Utah Creative Writing Contest. Lee's poetry has been published in numerous books and anthologies and was the basis for his 1986 Literature Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.