Mother Teresa said Friday a donated house near Golden Gate Park will become the home of 20 AIDS patients and that her order of nuns will begin feeding the poor from an abandoned city fire house.

The Roman Catholic nun, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for her work among the poor of India, made the announcement during a ceremony at which 11 women joined her Missionaries of Charity religious order.The diminutive nun told the ceremony installing the new nuns to be aware of people who are suffering.

"Right here in this beautiful city, there are so many people who are unwanted and unloved," she said. "Do you know they are here? Try to treat each other with love and compassion and tenderness. Try to be that love."

The home for AIDS patients, three blocks north of the Golden Gate Park panhandle, was donated by the president of a high-tech company in San Jose, Calif., she said. The order operates similar homes in New York City and Washington.

The order will rent the old fire station in a warehouse area south of Market Street for $1 a year from the city, officials said.

The order's 35 nuns in San Francisco have been feeding homeless people in the city's Civic Center Plaza.