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A tentative $21.2 million budget containing a 3 percent cost of living raise for employees has been approved by the Bountiful City Council.

A formal public hearing on the budget is set for 7:30 p.m. June 8 in the council chambers.City Manager Tom Hardy said the budget contains no property tax increase, and the only fee increase is a $3 monthly sewer charge intended to help the South Davis Sewer District fund plant expansion.

"This will be the eighth year in a row that we have not increased taxes and the sixth year in a row that there have been no additional employees," Hardy told the council.

Hardy said the tentative budget is still open for revision, and the council will hold at least two more work sessions before the final document is readied. He said department committees will also review the tentative figures before a final budget plan is submitted.

The city must adopt a final budget for the coming fiscal year, which begins July 1.

The tentative budget shows the city will receive $1.26 million from property taxes, $2.29 million from sales taxes and $1.06 million from the utility franchise tax. The city will generate $1.1 million from the sale of water to city residents and $9.15 million from power sales. The remainder of city revenues will come from a variety of sources, including fees and money received from other governmental sources.

The biggest expenditure will be $13.4 million to operate the city's power department. That figure includes some $3.5 million for developing two new hydro-electric projects. Most of that money will come from a reserve account established to fund power development. The budget also shows $7.4 million for intra-city revenues and transfers. This includes the funding of the downtown renovation project and similar programs.

The budget includes $1.8 million for police protection, $1.4 million for fire protection, $2.56 million for street maintenance and construction, and $1.49 million to operate the city swimming pools and recreation complex.

Hardy said the general fund budget is about 3 percent higher than the current year's. He said the increase is due to revenues generated by new construction and annexations. This new growth will also mean added sales and franchise tax revenues.