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It is not a very pleasant time, waiting in a musty old house for the birth of a baby, unwed and unsupported. The old nursing home donated to the YWCA for a teen home was over 50 years old, dingy and dirty.

But the Mountain Bell/US WEST "Patch and Paint" project that began in mid-April was completed last Saturday, turning dingy into delightful with 25 to 30 volunteers from the Mountain Bell Community Relations Team and the US WEST Women.Eve Mary Verde, manager of public relations for Mountain Bell, estimates that over 1,000 hours were donated to clean, patch, plaster and paint the home. A $5,000 grant from the Mountain Bell Foundation was given to the teen home, and a portion was used to buy paint for the project, Verde said.

The walls and steam heater pipes were scrubbed and cleaned and then the 24 rooms and three hallways were painted. Laura Matthews, owner of Laura's Interiors, coordinated the color schemes and directed trim and wallpapering efforts.

On Saturday the exterior was painted. Outdoor carpeting was installed on the porch and back steps, the yard was cleaned up and flowers planted. Fluorescent lighting will be installed to replace old and dim light fixtures.

Because the house had settled over the years, several serious cracks had to be mended. Paul Sjoblom, who took charge of patching and installing the outdoor carpet, brought in his father, Louis Sjoblom, to plaster the cracks.

Chairman Scott Dunbar coordinated the many nights and weekends that volunteers worked. Laura Scholl, president of US WEST Wom-en, directed that team of volunteers.

Carol Smedley worked with Craig Petersen of Albertson's, who in the past had donated breakfast for the volunteers. This year, Albertson's donated breakfast and lunch.

The final result was pronounced good by a current resident of the teen home. When asked how the paint job and renovation looked to her, she said, "It makes it more homey and friendly."

The finished home will be used to provide a supportive atmosphere for unwed mothers and for other teens.