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To the editor:

On behalf of the Great State Committee, whose members are charged with carrying the "Utah. A Pretty, Great State" message to communities throughout the state, we'd like to thank all who have helped make the kick-off of this campaign a success.Whether you've spoken out in favor of the campaign, criticized it, or made jokes about it, you've helped draw attention to its message - Utah pride and the role Utah residents play in creating a positive environment for economic growth and development.

The billboards, newspaper and television ads are just a beginning. We intend to keep pride in Utah - the "Utah. A Pretty, Great State" message - in everyone's minds as the state continues its efforts to attract new businesses, foster a positive business climate and encourage tourists to visit our state.

Thanks for joining us in reminding Utahns that we have much to be proud of and making all of us more aware of the positive role we can play in economic development. We are, after all, Utahns first.

Great State Committee

W. Mack Lawrence Deedee Corradini

Utah V.P. and CEO President

Mountain Bell Bonneville Associates

Jack Adamson Jack W. Gallivan

President Chairman of the Board

KSL Salt Lake Tribune

William N. Jones

Chairman of the Board

Intermountain Health Care