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If you, too, believe Utah is a "pretty, great state," you'll be thrilled to know the slogan is now available on T-shirts.

If you belong to the business-suit crowd that wears only T-shirts for garden work, you haven't been forgotten. The slogan is also printed on lapel pins. You can wear yours on your suit coat.For the shirtless, the slogan is printed on caps, too. And for those who express themselves through their wheels, the bumper sticker is hot off the press.

Sport Venture, 1971 S. 4490 West, is the official licensee of the "Utah, a pretty, great state" campaign. The company is the wholesale distributor of the T-shirts, sweat shirts, pins, caps and bumper stickers.

Gift shops have been their biggest customers, company officials report. But the shirts, caps, pins and stickers will also become available to the public through a mail-order campaign to be launched some time next week.