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A mob of nearly 100 people chased down and beat a man sought for questioning in the drug-related slaying of a teenager.

The man, bloodied and crying, fled into a house and had to be rescued by police who were in the area to arrest another man in an unrelated slaying.The crowd chased the man Thursday when they saw him flee from the area near the arrest, police said. The man was sought by police for questioning in the June 12 death of James Kenneth Moore, 17.

The crowd kicked the suspect and beat him with fists and an aluminum crutch. He was arrested by police and remained in custody Friday, but a homicide investigator said no charges had been filed.

"They was thumping him in the face and beating on him," said Clifton Wilson, 18, who witnessed the attack. "They beat on him for 20 minutes."

Moore's nude body was discovered by a security guard in a vacant apartment. He had been beaten with a brick.

"Those crackheads have no regard for life, and I'm tired of them just taking over the neighborhood," said King Lewis, 18. "I went to school with Kenny. That just wasn't cool what happened to him. I just wish they would have let us have him (he suspect). We'll take care of him."

Archie Paige, assistant manager of the apartment complex where Moore's body was found, said the crowd reaction was prompted by frustration at drug dealers in the neighborhood.

"A lot of decent people live out here," he said. "They are tired of seeing their neighborhood taken over by drug dealers. What happed today is just a warning to dealers that these people are not going to put up with a teenager being killed."