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Utah Democratic Senate candidate Brian Moss raised more than $25,000 Tuesday at a fund-raising reception hosted by Pamela Harriman.

Some 50 to 100 lobbyists and party benefactors attended the reception in Harriman's Georgetown townhouse. She is the widow of the late New York Gov. Averill Harriman and the current doyenne of liberal Democratic political chic in Washington.Moss was introduced by his father, former Utah Sen. Frank E. Moss, who served three terms, 1959-77, until he was defeated by Republican Orrin Hatch.

Brian Moss, who is running against Hatch for his father's seat, said, "The current holder of the seat has . . . harmed the nation. It is time to return some responsibility to the U.S. Senate."

Of Utah's two senators, Hatch and Republican Sen. Jake Garn, the younger Moss said, "They are to the right of each other." Hatch he described as "doubly cursed."