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Unanticipated hot summer weather and cold winter weather in the past fiscal year has put the city's energy operating and maintenance fund over budget - $900,000 over budget - according to city officials.

To accommodate the city's need to purchase more energy, the Provo City Council appropriated an additional $900,000 to the city fund at this week's council meeting.George Morris, power supply manager of Provo City utilities, told the council the money will be used to purchase power and keep the city from going in the red this fiscal year, which ended June 30.

The appropriated money will come from other line items in the Energy Department budget that will be re-appropriated, Councilwoman Anagene Cottrell said.

"Out of this year's resources we had to use more kilowatt hours than we anticipated," Morris said. "We have collected for it, but it is not a budgeted item."

He said the city hit new highs of power usage each day last week when temperatures soared to the 90s and 100s. By the end of the week a peak high had been reached. About 10 megawatts had to be bought from Utah Power & Light for $87,000.

The Redevelopment Agency also approved its budget of $1.3 million in a public hearing.

Funds will go to the Central Business District Redevelopment Project for housing rehabilitation, sidewalk replacement, asphalt overlay and building demolition, among others, said Ron Madsen, redevelopment director.