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Veteran driver Bobby Allison was sitting in a recliner a day after surgery to help drain fluid past a blood clot caused by his accident at the NASCAR Miller 500 two weeks ago, a spokesman said.

Allison, 51, remained in guarded condition Thursday, said Ed Gossage, a spokesman for Allison's sponsor, Miller Racing.

The driver was still communicating with his doctors via hand signals and has improved since the accident, Gossage said. "But he does come and go - he is not fully conscious at all times," he said. .

Gossage said doctors inserted a shunt in Allison's head Wednesday during a four-hour operation at Lehigh Valley Hospital Center. They also inserted a steel rod in Allison's fractured left leg.

The accident occurred June 19 on the first lap of the Miller 500 at Pocono International Raceway.