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Spanish Fork officials Thursday approved an $8.3 million budget that will finance two capital improvement projects without raising property or franchise taxes.

"The main project is a new garbage collection system, similar to those of Provo and Salem," said David Oyler, city administrator."The new truck will be completely automated, and will only take one man to operate. It will save time and money over the long term."

Oyler said Spanish Fork currently employs only one man to do the same job, but he suffers injuries on the job and often needs time off to recover. The new system will save money by decreasing sick pay and worker's compensation, Oyler said.

The new truck and trash containers will cost the city $340,000.

The other capital improvement project is to upgrade the city's electrical system.

"We will be spending $250,000," Oyler said. "It will get us some new wiring and poles. We are at the point where the work has to be done. There hasn't been a major update in the last 30 years."

He said the fund to pay city employees will increase about 3 percent, but there will not be an across-the-board pay raise.

"We are in the process of re-evaluating how much we pay for jobs. We are using a survey of 15 cities, and we will adjust salaries to come closer to the actual market value of a given job," Oyler said.

Revenues for the 1988-89 fiscal year are expected to be 1.4 percent higher than those for the year that ended Thursday. Oyler said the money will come from growth.

"We have had new businesses move in, and will have increased revenue from sales tax. The businesses will also buy water and power from us, so there will be more utility profits."

Oyler said residents will see one cost increase - garbage collection fees will go up $2 per month. "It will bring us up to $5.50 a month, which is still lower than most cities charge."

Oyler said there will be no major cuts or increases to any city departments. Aside from the special projects, he said the budget mostly maintains the status quo.