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An Arab was shot to death in the Gaza Strip on Saturday as Israeli troops clashed with stone-throwing protesters at the start of the eighth month of a Palestinian uprising.

Officials at Shifa Hospital in Gaza City said 25-year-old Faek Suleiman Hussein was killed by a soldier during a demonstration at Jabaliya refugee camp after a prayer session in a local mosque.An army spokesman confirmed that Hussein was shot to death but said he had no more details. The corpse was taken from the hospital by relatives who were anxious to prevent it from falling into army hands, the spokesman said.

The killing took the Palestinian death toll to 226 in the revolt that started last December 9. Four Israelis have also died.

Witnesses said scores of Israeli troops, firing tear gas canisters and wielding clubs, later battled with about 150 stone-throwing Arabs in Gaza City's Sharjiyeh square for more than an hour.

Shouting over loudspeakers at four mosques in the area, the Arab protesters called for a Holy War against Israel and urged residents to come out and confront troops encircling them.

"We call on the people to help our brothers in the mosques and resist the occupation troops surrounding the square," a young man screamed as army reinforcements rushed to the area.

Israel Radio said the army broke up riots at a refugee camp near the West Bank town of Bethlehem. Some Palestinians were reported injured.

Palestinian sources said a youth was in critical condition at an east Jerusalem hospital after being shot in the head during a West Bank protest on Friday night. The army said it was investigating the report.