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A 1st District Court trial for a 20-year-old Utah State University wrestler charged with rape and burglary has been postponed, a court official says.

David Zuniga, of Worland, Wyo., was to stand trial Monday, but Judge VeNoy Christoffersen ruled only Friday on one of two defense motions and decided to postpone the proceedings, executive assistant Pat Parker said Saturday.

Zuniga is charged with rape and sodomy, both first-degree felonies, and burglary, a second-degree felony, in an alleged attack on a 19-year-old Logan woman on April 8.

Zuniga was bound over for trial following a May 13 preliminary hearing in which the alleged victim testified she recognized Zuniga, a neighbor, when he entered her apartment through a window at 2:30 a.m. as she was sleeping.

She also testified that although she resisted Zuniga and tried to push him away, he held her arms in back of her so she could not escape.

Zuniga pleaded not guilty to the charges on May 31.

Defense attorney Robert McRae had asked to be allowed to present evidence on the woman's sexual history and to obtain a psychiatric evaluation of her.

Christoffersen denied both motions, the latter on Friday, and said another trial date would be set soon.