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Questions to ask about warranty service:

(BU) When does the warranty expire?(BU) Does it apply to the whole product or just some of its parts?

(BU) Does it cover labor charges?

(BU) Does it cover a house call or do you have to take or send it in for repair?

(BU) Who makes warranty repairs? The dealer? An authorized repair service center?

Questions you should ask before buying a service contract:

(BU) Do I need a service contract on this product?

(BU) How long does it last?

(BU) Does it cover both parts and labor? All parts?

(BU) Is it transferable to second and third owners?

(BU) Is it renewable? What is the renewal cost?

(BU) Does it begin when my product warranty ends so I do not pay twice for coverage?

(BU) How does the service contract coverage differ from new product warranty coverage?

(BU) Is the service contract offered by the product manufacturer, retail dealer or a third party? If a third party, what is known about its record?

(BU) Will the product be serviced at manufacturer authorized service facilities? Where? Or will it be serviced only by the dealer? Or will it be serviced only by the service contract company?

(BU) Does the contract give me any routine maintenance service for the product (especially good for products that need regular service)?

(BU) What if I move?

(BU) How much time (days? weeks? until my new product warranty expires?) do I have to decide if I want a service contract?