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HEART in concert Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at ParkWest. Also appearing was Michael Bolton. One performance only.

You've been on the road for so many weeks they've turned into years. You've endured the good nights and the bad flights. You've played every dive from New Hampshire to New Mexico.And now, finally, the marathon comes mercifully to an end. One last show: ParkWest, Utah. No big-time critics are watching. So just get the show over as quick as possible and go home. Right?

Maybe. But that's not what Heart chose to do Saturday night. Instead, they put every ounce of energy reserves into making their last performance of the "Bad Animals" tour a great performance.

If the band members were tired, it didn't show. If they were anxious to get home, it didn't show. If they were sick to death of singing the same songs night after night, it didn't show.

What showed was Ann and Nancy Wilson & company putting everything they had into a fabulous two-hour set of songs that both satisfied the wild rockers and soothed those hungry for mellow ballads.

And Heart went after both kinds of fans with a passion usually exhibited by new artists trying to make their niche in the business, not a veteran band winding up their tour. From the opening roar of "Shell Shocked" to the closing crunch of "Barracuda," Heart was out to prove it's a band that can still rock 'n' roll with the very best.

But just when you thought Heart is nothing more than a female clone of AC/DC, they tear loose with a run of powerful ballads like "Never," "Dreams" and "What About Love" that could soothe the savage in any beast.

It was a mesmerizing mix of tunes that appealed to Heart fans of all ages and eras. There were old tunes (the forgotten gem "Straight on for You" was a pleasure) and plenty of chart-topping new stuff.

With Nancy Wilson (the red lipstick to match her candy-apple red guitar was a great touch) bouncing off imaginary walls and sister Ann screeching in key, it was a perfect night that Heart fans won't soon forget.

Opening for Heart was Michael Bolton, a new sensation on the pop music scene with hits like "(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay" and "Way Down Love."

The bluesy vocalist proved to Salt Lake fans why the world's entertainment media is buzzing over Michael Bolton: He's one of the finest male vocalists to come along in years.

Bolton's crunchy style of delivery conjures up immediate comparisons to a Joe Cocker. He injects massive amounts of passion and soul into his delivery, so much so that he could make even "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" a rock classic.

A prime example of Bolton at his best was an extended cover of "Gimme Some Lovin' " - a version better than the Spencer Davis Group ever dreamed of. You can't help but like how Michael Bolton sings it like there's no tomorrow.