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Ogden YWCA members will vote July 27 on proposed bylaws that would complete the separation with the national organization in a dispute over allowing men to have full membership.

A vote on a name change for the chapter also is possible.Meanwhile, Lillian Kimura, associate executive director of the national YWCA at New York, said a visit to Ogden by national officers has been postponed because of scheduling problems

The Ogden chapter has been embroiled in conflict with the national organization since February when it voted to allow men full membership. Bylaws of the national YWCA allow men only associate membership.

In March, the national office notified the Ogden chapter that it had been disaffiliated from the national group and was banned from using the YWCA name and symbols.

The Ogden chapter did not comply with that edict immediately, saying it wanted to wait until the national YWCA convention in June, at which a vote was expected on a proposal to allow men full membership nationwide.

That proposal was rejected at the recent convention, with more than 1,100 voting to keep men out and only 24 voting to allow men full membership.

The national YWCA contends the policy is needed to prevent men from taking over leadership of an organization founded by and for women. The Ogden chapter defends its move as an effort to end sex discrimination.

Gaye Littleton, Ogden YWCA executive director, said a tentative new name for the Ogden chapter is Your Community Connection.