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Automated Language Processing Systems Inc. has signed a $1 million translation agreement with Ford Motor Co.

Translation will be performed by the Salt Lake-based a.l.p. Systems translation services network formed earlier this year through acquisition of four independent translation agencies.An a.l.p. spokesmans said the Help Support subsystem of Ford's new worldwide Engineering Releasing System will be translated into German, French, Spanish and Dutch by a.l.p's.

This system will facilitate global design and manufacturing of Ford products and will be implemented in Ford locations throughout Europe, North and South America and Australia.

"Our services network was structured for just this type of project," said A.T. Zirkle, a.l.p. Systems' president and chief executive.

A.l.p. Systems, a supplier of translation software, began last year to acquire translation agencies and to build a translation services network which will feature its software.