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Three men with more than 70 years of banking experience among them have been appointed executive vice presidents of Key Bank, according to Robert H. Bischoff, chairman of the board and chief executive officer.

They are David E. Bronson, L. Brent Milne, and Richard E. Nelson, who along with Bischoff and Ross E. Kendall, president and chief operating officer, constitute the senior management team for the bank.These three men are the membership of the Senior Management Committee and also make up the Senior Loan Committee, which is responsible for reviewing and approving the larger loan requests made at the bank.

Bronson began his banking work in 1959, spending most of his career in the Ogden area.

In 1978 he became vice president and manager of the Northern Region and in 1983 was appointed senior vice president and manager of the Branch Administration Division.

Milne began his banking career in 1969 at Commercial Security Bank and has worked as an assistant controller, an investment officer and manager of the Investment Department.

In 1975 he became vice president and in 1987 was named chief financial officer.

Nelson started his banking career in 1964 at Security Pacific National Bank in Los Angeles and later worked for the North Davis Bank where he became chief executive officer until it was sold in 1972.

He switched over to Commercial Security Bank and held several positions until 1983 when he became senior vice president and manager of the Credit Administration Division.