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Former singer Sonny Bono may be faced with a $2.5 million deficit as mayor of Palm Springs, Calif., but after visiting the Big Apple his governmental problems seem small indeed.

Bono, his wife, Mary, and 3-year-old daughter Chesare looked with wonder Tuesday over a sea of 700 demonstrating vendors from the window of New York Mayor Edward Koch's office during their visit to the city to promote sunny California to convention-goers."We don't have demonstrations like this," said Bono, whose biggest problems as mayor have been the $2.5 million deficit and a late night fireworks display that angered some voters.

Bono, who hung up the fur vest he once wore while crooning "I've Got You Babe" and replaced it with the mantel of public office, presented the mayor with a palm tree and listened to Koch snap at reporters who suggested that he was being unfair to small-businessmen because of his controversial ban on street vendors.

"There is a limit to how much you have to take," Koch advised Bono on how to handle aggressive reporters.