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Boston Red Sox star Wade Boggs devised a scheme in which he obtained sexually "compromising" photographs of teammates to use as leverage against them, his former mistress told a national television talk show.

The photographs of unidentified teammates were described Tuesday on the Phil Donahue program by Margo Adams, who has filed a $6 million palimony suit against the Red Sox' All-Star third baseman.Adams, who is seeking compensation for time spent with Boggs over the past 4 1/2 years, did not identify the players or the women whom they allegedly had in their company when Boggs supposedly took their photographs. But she said she still had the negatives and some of the photographs.

"If some of the guys on the team did something that Wade (didn't like) . . . or if they were going to talk about what was going on . . . he devised a little thing called the `Delta Force,"' Adams told Donahue during the program broadcast from New York.

"What he would do . . . he'd make sure they were set up in a compromising position and he'd break into their room and take pictures," Adams said.

Adams' comments followed an unexplained fight June 19 between Boggs and some of his teammates that began on a bus and carried into a Cleveland hotel room. Some players indicated the fight concerned the lawsuit, but none said Boggs had photographs of them or that they feared being blackmailed by Boggs or Adams.