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The University of Houston's athletic director says the school will act quickly to answer NCAA allegations of cash payments to football players from 1978 through 1984.

"We just have to make sure things like that don't happen again," Rudy Davalos said Tuesday. "Some of the things may have happened and some of them might not."So it's our job to respond and go before the infractions committee, probably in October."

The Cougars have until Oct. 17 to respond to about 250 allegations, and Davalos says he doesn't anticipate any requests for an extension.

"We're happy to get the inquiry and we'll react to it," he said.

The NCAA formally notified school officials Tuesday in a 26-page document charging coaches with paying players, in one instance up to $900.

Another allegation accuses a coach of dividing up $1,500 among three players in 1984.

The allegations center on the Cougar football program when Bill Yeoman was head coach.

Yeoman, who resigned after the 1986 season and now serves as a fund-raiser for the school at an annual salary of $103,000, declined to comment on specifics of the NCAA letter released by the school.

"I'm immediately reminded that someone else has indicated that they'll take care of all revenge, and they'll take care of the judgment," Yeoman said in an interview with KRIV-TV. "So I think it would be vastly better for me to keep my mouth shut."

Yeoman admitted last year that he gave money for humanitarian purposes to players who were broke or whose families needed money to cover rent or utility bills.