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Hill Air Force Base and Layton City officials have tightened restrictions on culinary water usage while Kaysville, Roy, Provo and Park City continue to restrict water.

At Hill Air Force Base, officials have limited outside watering at housing units to once a weekend. Odd-numbered homes can only water on odd Saturdays and Sundays. Even-numbered homes can only water on the even Saturday or Sunday. The watering is restricted to between 7 and 10 a.m. and 7 and 10 p.m., according to base spokesman Len Barry.Washing of all vehicles has been banned until further notice. The bans tighten restrictions implemented last month.

"As a result of the hot, dry weather, the main water aquifer has been depleted. All of our six wells the pump level is 500 feet. The water is lower than the pump level in three of the wells," Barry said.

A project is under way to lower the pump levels in three of the wells, but may take up to five weeks. Also construction on two new wells has been accelerated, Barry said.

Water for the base's golf course and family camp will come from non-potable Weber Basin Water Conservancy District water.

In Layton, odd-numbered homes and businesses can water only on Monday and Thursday. Even-numbered homes can only water on Tuesday and Friday. Watering is banned on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

The restrictions come after one of Layton's wells failed last week.