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The Weber County attorney has asked an outside prosecutor to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct against State Sen. Darrell Renstrom, D-North Ogden.

No charges have been filed against Renstrom, but defense attorney Randall Richards confirmed Wednesday that Renstrom will appear in 2nd Circuit Court on Monday. Richards said he expects his client to waive a preliminary hearing so the case can go to trial as soon as possible. Renstrom denies any wrongdoing.Police say that on June 22 a 19-year-old man was propositioned by another man and was grabbed in the genital area.

Ogden Detective John Panter said the victim was disturbed, and after discussing the incident with his friends, reported it to police.

The detective said the victim identified the assailant after looking at photographs in police offices.

Panter said a man picked up the teenager on 22nd Street and Washington Boulevard. The man was asking directions and the victim got into the car.

The driver went down 17th Street, where he grabbed the teenager, Panter said. The driver let the victim out of the car on 13th Street after the teenager objected to the advances.

Weber County Attorney Reed Richards, also a Democrat, reviewed police reports and decided to turn the case over to an outside prosecutor because of his frequent work with Renstrom.

The case is now in the hands of Davis County Attorney Mel Wilson, a Republican, who said he plans to file charges.

Defense attorney Richards said Renstrom passed two lie detector tests. The attorney wants an early trial date so his client can clear up the charges and get on with his re-election campaign.

Renstrom, 57, is a state senator, an Ogden public defender and a local attorney. He received his law degree from George Washington University in Washington.

Renstrom was first elected to the Senate in 1972, when he resigned his post as assistant Weber County attorney. He was elected Senate majority whip in 1974 and served two years. He is seeking re-election this year against Republican Boyd K. Storey, a former Weber County commissioner.