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To meet the mandate of SB158 passed earlier this year by the Legislature, the State Industrial Commission has appointed members of the Employment Security and Worker's Compensation advisory councils.

Commission Chairman Stephen M. Hadley said the advisory councils are required to meet quarterly and their primary purpose is to advise the commission on possible amendments to the rules and laws governing employment security and worker's compensation.The bill outlined that Hadley must be chairman of the Worker's Compensation Advisory Council, but the other advisory council probably will elect a chairman.

Members of the Employment Security Advisory Council are Rep. Jack F. DeMann, R-Murray; Michael Martinez, an attorney; Richard P. Lindsay, managing director of the Public Communications/Special Affairs Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Lee Brennen, deputy Salt Lake County assessor; Steve Holbrook, director of the Utah Homeless Shelter.

Others are Margaret Crane, executive director of the Utah Homebuilders Association; Donna Dahl, a businesswoman and former legislator; Richard Thorn, Associated General Contractors executive director; Irene Jorgensen, Utah Retail Merchant's Association executive director; Larry Bunkall, Utah Manufacturer's Association executive director.

Also, Jack Olsen, Utah Taxpayers Association executive director; Lenoris Bush, Utah Opportunities Industrialization Center director; Mary Tuckett, Phoenix Institute assistant director; Ed Mayne, president of the Utah AFL-CIO; Michael Wu, Utah Office of Asian Affairs director; Travis Parashonts, Utah Office of Indian Affairs director; and Betty Sawyer, Utah Office of Black Affairs director.

The new members of the worker's compensation council are Jim Elegante, an attorney; Sen. Paul Rogers, R-Orem; Celia Villescasa-Hilber, program coordinator at the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind; Jean Melton, secretary of the Utah Head Injury Foundation; and Mike McDonald, Utah Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Also, L.C. Miller, director of industrial relations and benefits for BP Minerals America; Lynne Lindsey, Association of Builders and Contractors executive director; Ray Springer, past president of the Utah Home Builders Association; James Allfrey, employee benefit supervisor for S E G Stores Inc.; and Lawrence Mills, vice president and general manager of Kelly-Hatch Co.

Others are Keith Nielsen, president of the Utah Self-Insurers Association; Dean Averill, Industrial Indemnity Co.; Blaine Palmer, director of the Worker's Compensation Fund; David Gordon, director of the Utah Office of the Handicapped; Danny Quintana, an attorney.

Also, Marvin Davis, a consultant; Virginius Dabney, an attorney; Kenneth Woods, a consultant for Disability Advocates; Roger Sandack, an attorney; and Karol Kirkham Saenz, a psychologist in the Adult Treatment Unit of Salt Lake Valley Mental Health.