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In a continued effort to bring a part of Japan to Provo, the Provo School District will add Japanese to its high school curriculum next fall and at the same time host two Japanese high school-age students for the 1988-89 school year.

The district originally had hoped enough students would sign up to fill one Japanese class at Timpview High School, but more than enough students have signed up to fill four classes - two at Timpview and two at Provo High School."We are delighted we can initiate this program," said Merrell Hansen, Provo district director of secondary education. "Markets are changing so quickly, and soon Japanese will be one of the major political and economical ties in the country. There is a need to learn that language and to have the schools be sensitive to that.

"We don't want to see the four language programs decrease, but this simply states that the world is changing. It is more common to speak Japanese now."

English, French, German and Spanish courses are now being taught in the district.

The district was given permission by the State Board of Education to hire two interns to teach this fall and hopes to have fully certificated teachers by next fall.

Ken Ivory, coordinator of the Japanese-American Exchange program will teach Japanese at Provo High this fall.

Ivory's main concern now, however, is to find families to host the two Japanese students - a boy or a girl - for the school year.

The student exchange is a continuation of the district's exchange program, which began last year with the help of Brigham Young University and Teikyo University in Tokyo.

The exchange students will attend either Provo or Timpview high school.

Japan Exchange '89, the coordinating organization in Japan, plans to offer the same type of long-term exchange opportunities in Japan for the students from the Provo area.

"For kids who are serious about learning the language, the exchange will be a bonus to give them a real opportunity to experience another country's customs, culture, food and clothing," Ivory said.

For further information about these programs contact Hansen, 373-6301, or Ivory, 373-7491.