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Mike Tyson, who said three weeks ago he wouldn't fight any more, has decided to go ahead with his scheduled Sept. 3 heavyweight title defense against Frank Bruno, Tyson's lawyer and his manager said Thursday.

Michael Winston, Tyson's lawyer, said the fight will proceed even though Tyson, the undisputed heavyweight champion, is attempting to break his managerial contract with Bill Cayton, who arranged the fight.Cayton said an agreement had been reached with Winston, who was hired by Tyson and his family to break the contract. Winston wouldn't comment on whether arrangements had been worked out with Cayton, but Cayton did.

"I will remain manager, of course, in all senses of the word," Cayton said. "The contracts will be worked out with me as the manager."

Cayton said that Jarvis Astaire would be promotor for the bout, which is scheduled for Wembley Stadium outside London. A source who asked not to be identified said Tyson would receive $5 million and Bruno approximately $1.67 million.

Bruno, a winner in 32 of his 34 professional bouts, has not fought since his eighth-round knockout of Joe Bugner last Oct. 24 in London. Bruno is the top-ranked challenger of the World Boxing Association and the World Boxing Council. This will be a mandatory WBC defense for Tyson, 35-0 with 31 knockouts.

Cayton said he believed the arrangements with Astaire, a British promotor, would be worked out shortly that the fight would be formally announced "within a day or two."

Winston said that the decision to go ahead had been made by Tyson's new advisors, whom he would not name.

"We're still negotiating but we recommend that the fight go ahead," Winston said.

Donald Trump, the only one of Tyson's new advisors who has been publicly announced, said Thursday through a spokesman that the fight should take place.

"Trump has advised Mike Tyson that he should continue to fight, including the September 3 Bruno fight in England, and that Tyson should otherwise live up to the terms of his contract until such time as the courts rule on whether it's valid," spokesman Dan Klores said.

It will be the third bout in Tyson's $26-million, seven-fight contract with Home Box Office. Bob Greenway, HBO's vice president for sports programming, said Thursday that if the fight happens, the cable network would televise it live.

Cayton, who became Tyson's sole manager when partner Jimmy Jacobs died last spring, had made the arrangements for the fight last winter. Cayton gets one-third of Tyson's earnings under the contract.