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Defendants in the alleged "Mexican Connection II" dope rings have been indicted in Salt Lake City by a federal grand jury, whose charges replace the information complaints filed earlier by the U.S. attorney's office.

A Mexican Connection drug ring was smashed last year, with many defendants convicted. But new arrests were made recently, with defendants not believed connected to the original case.Named in four separate indictments issued this week were Gregorio Moreno, Alfonso Moreno, Antonio Alonso, Santos Tapia, Jerardo Rico, Lucio Brito, Federico Mendez, Jose Brito, Ubaldo Ortiz-Silva (also known as Frank Silva) and Manuel Estrada-Tapia.

Jose Brito is new to the case, not having been named before. A federal document asks for his arrest and says he is believed to be a "risk of flight." His address was not listed.

Prosecutors say Santos Tapia, Rico and Ortiz-Silva lived in the Salt Lake area, Lucio Brito and Mendez lived in Orange County, Calif., and the remaining defendants are residents of Mexico.