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A hearing is scheduled Monday in Washington, D.C., regarding accreditation of CitiCollege in Salt Lake City, which closed campuses in Salt Lake City and Ogden this week.

The hearing will be before the National Association of Trade and Technical Schools, a group that oversees operations of private schools offering such courses.The association notified CitiCol-lege officials in May that they were withdrawing the accreditation for the Utah schools, but agreed to the appeal hearing.

Students become ineligible for government loans if the schools they propose to attend are not accredited by a recognized accreditation organization. Students who were enrolled at CitiCollege when the closure was announced will likely have to wait for the outcome of the hearing before they can shift to other schools.

CitiCollege also filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition June 29. In its reorganization petition, the company listed assets of $700,000 and liabilities in excess of $1.4 million.

On June 27, the Internal Revenue Service placed a tax lien on CitiCol-lege's bank accounts for non-payment of taxes.