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A former Oregon police officer who admitted to shooting up a television set before firing at a truck driver was placed on probation and ordered to undergo treatment through the Veteran's Administration in Oregon.

Sid W. Cameron, 36, Salem, was sentenced Wednesday on a charge of aggravated assault by 2nd District Judge Ronald O. Hyde.Cameron was arrested April 19 at the Flying J Motel in Ogden after a man shot up a television set in his room and then stepped outside and shot at Paul Weisenberger, 45, White City, Ore.

Public Defender Stephen Laker pleaded with the judge to let Cameron go back to Oregon to be with his family where he is receiving treatment. Laker said Cameron served in the Marines in Vietnam and suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome.

Laker said that Cameron had been inhaling fumes from a solvent soaked rag right before the shooting, and that his client suffered paranoia and blackouts from the chemicals.

"This is totally out of character for him," Laker said.

Cameron had previously worked for three police departments in Oregon and as a prison guard.