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Two Southern California residents have been indicted by a federal grand jury in Salt Lake City on cocaine charges in a case the prosecutor says involves transportation through a cocaine pipeline.

Bertram C. Williams Jr. and Victoria V. Racker were charged in separate indictments but face identical counts - the first being possessing 13 kilograms of cocaine with the intent of distributing it, and the second, possessing 500 milligrams of the illegal drug.Richard D. McKelvie of the Utah attorney general's office, a special assistant U.S. attorney for purposes of prosecuting the case, said Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Paul Mangelson made the arrest in the case July 2. While patrolling I-15 near Nephi, he stopped the driver of a 1985 BMW for suspicion of drunk driving. He discovered cocaine hidden in the car and arrested Williams and Racker, the prosecutor says.

Mangelson has been credited with making a large drug bust on the freeway five months ago.

Both defendants have been released on bail pending trial, McKelvie said. McKelvie is the assistant director of a special statewide agency set up to investigate and prosecute narcotics violations.