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A twice-convicted killer accused of murdering a Kearns woman last summer faces a trial Aug. 30.

In an arraignment Friday before 3rd District Judge Timothy Hanson, David Franklin Young, 28, Bridgeport, Ill., pleaded not guilty to charges of capital homicide and felony theft.Young is charged with the death of Ember Kimberly Mars, 27, who was beaten with a clothes iron and stabbed on Aug. 19, 1987.

During a preliminary hearing last month, a Salt Lake County sheriff's detective testified that Young confessed to the murder and to sexually assaulting Mars.

Young allegedly met Mars at a truckstop on Aug. 18 and later forced her at gunpoint to go to her home, where he terrorized her for six hours before killing her. He then fled in her car, according to testimony.

Illinois police arrested Young Aug. 27 and recovered Mars' car after a high-speed chase. At the time of his arrest, Young was on parole after serving time for killing his girlfriend in 1982. A few months ago, he pleaded guilty to murdering his estranged wife in Indiana. While serving a life sentence for that murder, Utah authorities extradited him to face trial for Mars' death.