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Cache County won't be able to get any of the $220,000 fine paid the state last spring by E.A. Miller Inc. of Hyrum, said state Sen. Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan.

Hillyard told the county council the entire amount already has gone into the state's general fund.He said the state made a mistake by not including county officials in negotiations, but, "The county also failed by not keeping track of the process and by not insisting on involvement."

Hillyard said the county could try to collect its own fine against the meat-packing plant for polluting the Little Bear River, but, "I personally find that option offensive."

State Rep. Frank Prante, D-Logan, said previously that the Legislature could reauthorize the use of the money and mandate that the state pay back some of the enforcement costs, which county health officials have estimated at $50,000.