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Former Miss America and television personality Bess Myerson pleaded guilty Friday to shoplifting, seven weeks after her arrest at a department store.

Myerson, 64, was arrested by South Williamsport, Pa., Police Chief Charles Smith May 27 after leaving the Hills store with $44 in merchandise. She said at the time, and reiterated in a statement handed to reporters Friday, that she was only "leaving the store to lock (her) car" and planned to return and "pay for the merchandise."

Her attorney delivered the signed guilty plea to the retail theft charge Friday morning to the office of District Justice John M. McDermott.

"I represent that I make this plea knowingly, voluntarily and intelligently. I plead guilty," the form signed by Myerson said.

McDermott fined Myerson $100, plus $48.50 court costs.

"That's the normal fine and costs for a first offense," he said. "It's over with."