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Salt County will pay $9,000 in back salary to an employee reinstated to his job after being fired following a 1987 county audit of the Salt Palace.

County commissioners Monday approved a settlement of $9,055 with Salt Palace controller Craig Miller in exchange for Miller's dropping a lawsuit against the county.That suit, filed last year, sought back pay for the period between Miller's April 1987 firing and the later dropping of criminal charges against him.

Six Salt Palace employees were fired last year following discovery of misuse of box office funds and contracting irregularities at the county-owned facility.

Former Salt Palace director Douglas C. Knudsen was sentenced to 30 days in jail and a $3,000 fine for his part in returning unsold hockey tickets for cash refunds.

Criminal charges against Miller, accusing him of improper contracting and bidding procedures, were dropped and he was later ordered reinstated to his job by the county's Career Services Council. However, the council ruled that Miller was not entitled to back pay for the entire period between his firing and reinstatement.

Miller then filed suit seeking back pay. His attorney, Zane Gill, said the settlement Monday grants Miller pay for all but 30 days of the time he was off work.