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Burglars broke into Salt Lake City Hall offices during the weekend, stealing cash and personal belongings and rummaging through the mayor's office.

Nearly $100 in petty cash was taken from a locked secretary's desk in the mayor's office. The thief apparently found a key to the drawer in a desk.The burglar also rummaged through a locked credenza in Mayor Palmer DePaulis' office. DePaulis is attending the Democratic Convention in Atlanta, but staff members said probably nothing was taken.

The thief also rummaged through the desk of Chief of Staff Mike Zuhl. Taken were keys from the Finance Department offices, $30 in city recorder's receipts and and a gym bag.

City Hall is locked for most of the weekend although Saturday mornings staff with keys can get into the building, said Phil Erick-son, who oversees physical operations. Otherwise, keys and a special magnetic card are needed to enter the building, he said.