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George Brett and Willie Wilson scuffled in the rear of the Royal's team plane Sunday following Kansas City's fourth straight loss to the Boston Red Sox.

The confrontation, which consisted of pushes and no punches, was broken up by coaches and players.The scuffle began with the team's chartered flight sitting on the runway in Boston. The pilot informed the Royals that they would be unable to take off until they were all seated.

Brett, sitting near the front of the plane, heard Wilson complaining about a lack of seating and, noticing that Wilson was not seated, went to the back of the plane and confronted him.

"Willie, sit down and shut up. I'm tired of your complaining," Brett said. Wilson retorted: "Go sit down and mind your own business, George."

Brett refused to leave and, pointing a finger in Wilson's chest, told him that everyone on the team was sick of him complaining.

Obscenities were exchanged and, within seconds, Wilson shoved Brett away and the two began scuffling.