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A 36-year-old former Wyoming school teacher convicted of killing his wife in a scheme to collect on $110,000 in insurance will spend more than two decades in prison waiting for a parole hearing.

Andrew David Moosman, Evanston, was convicted in 1986 of killing his wife, Tamara, and trying to collect on death benefits. He also was convicted on filing false insurance claims.The Utah Board of Pardons set a June 2012 rehearing date for Moosman, who was sentenced to a life term for the crimes.

Moosman, who was working in Evanston and living in Logan on weekends, was driving the couple's pickup truck on the Logan Canyon road Sept. 14, 1985, when he intentionally swerved over a 340-foot embankment.

He jumped to safety, and the truck plunged into the Logan River. The 34-year-old woman escaped injury, but Moosman scrambled down the embankment, beat her on the head and then drowned her.

"This is a very chilling story about someone who so carefully planned a crime," said board member Gary Webster.

Moosman maintains the whole episode was an accident, and told board members, "I'm sorry I caused my wife's death. If I could, I would have taken her place."

His appeal is now before the Utah Supreme Court.