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U. ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR RECEIVES FELLOWSHIP FOR MINORITIES, WOMEN 2 U. PROFESSORS FULBRIGHT SCHOLARS 3 UTAHNS RECEIVE WATSON GRANTS UTAHN JOINS BOSTON MUSIC PROGRAMUniversity of Utah professors James B. Mayfield and Chung M. Lee were recently named Fulbright Scholars and will spend the next school year teaching and researching abroad.

Mayfield, professor of political science, will be in Israel from February until July 1989 lecturing at Tel Aviv University. He is an authority on Third World development, particularly through small, village-level projects. He has also conducted training seminars throughout the world for administrators of U.S. government and private volunteer agency development programs.

Lee, professor of geography, will teach and research at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea. He has developed a theory of Korean migration to Japan between 300 and 800 A.D. and claims the Koreans had much greater influence on Japanese culture than previously thought. During his stay in Korea, Lee will also study iron smelting, invented by Koreans, and mountain castles Koreans built as they moved into Japan.