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A Holland, Mich., boy suffering from kidney disease had a visit from football star Jim McMahon and says that despite the former Brigham Young University star's wiseguy reputation, the Chicago Bears quarterback wasn't "cocky or anything."

Friends of Scott Bremer's family organized McMahon's visit to the Bremers' home Friday to bring attention to the family's financial plight due to Scott's illness.Scott, 13, was born with polycystic kidney disease and has endured two kidney transplants in the past three years, both of which have failed and left him dependent on kidney dialysis. He also has survived 13 operations, a heart attack and collapsed lung.

Emily Bremer, Scott's mother, said the football star didn't live up to his reputation for being arrogant. "He was so nice and caring," she said.

Scott said he too was surprised by McMahon's demeanor.

"He was shy and he didn't talk much at first," Scott said. "But later we started talking real good. He wasn't cocky or anything."