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A church custodian was arrested in the kidnappings of two girls, including a 4-year-old missing for six weeks who was found boarded up beneath the church altar, police said.

The girls were in good condition, and there was no sign they had been molested or abused, county sheriff's spokeswoman Tenise Allen said Monday. They were examined at a hospital and released to their parents.Kenneth Alvin Michel, 32, was arrested Monday by Sacramento police and sheriff's deputies as he drove up to the United Methodist Church in suburban Elk Grove. He had no previous criminal record.

Michel of Elk Grove faces charges in the kidnapping of Candi Talarico, 4, and Muey Han Saefong, 5, and the attempted kidnapping of a 6-year-old girl, police Sgt. Bob Burns said.

Candi was abducted June 4 while she played with friends outside her Sacramento apartment. The kidnapping was featured on Fox Broadcasting Co.'s "America's Most Wanted" program.