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Searchers are still looking for a single-engine aircraft that disappeared near Fillmore last week, but they are running out of leads.

The Utah Civil Air Patrol is urging people in Southern Utah to report anything they may have heard or seen last Wednesday that could help the patrol find the plane that appears to have gone down between Fillmore and Chandler, Ariz."We need the news media to stir up some leads down there," said Col. Ott Webb, Utah Civil Air Patrol. "Ask people to report anything they've seen or heard to this office or their local sheriff's office."

Sherman Flake, 52, and his 19-year-old son, Scott, left Burley, Idaho, last Wednesday en route to Chandler. They stopped over in Fillmore Wednesday morning to refuel their Piper Tri-pacer and haven't been seen since.

"Once he left Fillmore, he may have tried to follow Highway 89 toward Kanab and into Arizona," Webb said. "Or he may have continued south toward Cedar City and crossed into Arizona south of St. George. We have meager information on what they are doing in Arizona. We know they are searching the area north of Phoenix between Page and St. George.

"We hope to expand our search today toward the southwest to cover areas we haven't covered before. We may also move a little east from Highway 89 and search that area more thoroughly. But if you look at your map, Highway 89 covers an awfully big area."

The patrol will have eight of its own planes in the air today. Officials hope to have eight or 10 volunteer craft searching as well, Webb said.

People with leads are encouraged to call the patrol at 533-5456.