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To the editor:

Hooray. We made it. The Utah attorney general and the lieutenant governor's offices have ruled that the three tax initiatives petitions qualified, and will appear on the November ballot.It was a herculean effort by many people throughout the state to gather over 100,000 signatures and to quality in 15 counties. Here in Utah County, we collected over 12,000 signatures, and qualified all three initiatives, by about 1,500 signatures.

We want to express thanks to all the petition carriers, and also to all who signed the petitions.

The time and effort expended has been justified, in order to exercise our constitutional right to freedom of speech, and freedom to petition our government by a vote of the people at the ballot box.

There will be much negative propaganda in the next few months before the November ballot, by government, and education special interests, who will be fighting the passage of all three initiatives.

All of these initiatives are only seeking fairness in taxation. Our government and education system were not in a devastated condition in 1986, and a tax rollback to that level, will not return them to devastation.

The tax limitation initiative merely puts a cap on the amount of tax they can assess our property, and stipulates that in order to increase the property tax above that level, they have to put the proposal on a general election ballot for approval by the people. What could be more fair than that?

R.L. "Bob" Wright