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The Major Indoor Soccer League, beseiged by financial problems, appeared on the verge of a reprieve late Monday night when a four-year collective bargaining agreement was reached in principle between the league and the MISL Players Association.

The agreement, which runs through June 30, 1992, reduces the league's per-team player salary cap to a maximum of $850,000 and a minimum of $750,000 annually for 18 players.MISL Commissioner Bill Kentling cited hard work by both parties in reaching the agreement.

"Both sides understand that the agreement will stabilize the league and will attract expansion, providing more job opportunities," Kentling said "(Player Union President) John Kerr's direct availability proved vital in reaching this agreement."

A plan was agreed upon regarding guaranteed player contracts that allows each MISL club to keep its current players or release them to seek free agency.

The MISL has been in operation for 10 seasons but the league recently was reduced to six teams when the Tacoma and Chicago franchises folded due to financial problems. However, the league was encouraged by the recent announcement that the U.S. will be host of the 1994 World Cup.