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An anonymous donor made a gift of $200,000 toward completion of a homeless family and men's shelter being renovated by the private, non-profit Shelter the Homeless Committee, a spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Utah said Friday.

The church made the donation to Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis on behalf of the anonymous donor. A $110,000 check was presented Thursday with the balance expected in the near future, Bishop William K. Weigand said."In addition to the $30,000 that the Catholic Diocese and the affiliated parishes have already given to the homeless shelter project, a generous benefactor has made it possible for us to pledge another $200,000," Weigand said.

The first phase of the shelter, a renovated warehouse at 220 Rio Grande St., was recently completed. The anonymous donation will go toward the second phase, which will cost $650,000, Weigand said.