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Have you ever wished you could visit Hogle Zoo a little later in the evening when it's cooler?

Have you ever dreamed of being able to comfortably afford a family visit to the Hansen Planetarium?Well, dream no more, courtesy of KUTR Radio (AM-860) and the celebration of its third birthday.

During July, KUTR is helping to keep Hogle Zoo open later each Monday evening so Utah families will find a visit to the zoo more convenient and cooler. The zoo, which normally closes at 6 p.m., will remain open until 9 every Monday in July. (Some animals may also be more active later in the evening.)

LDS musical performers will be providing entertainment at the zoo each Monday night.

Every Saturday during July, KUTR is cooperating with the Hansen Planetarium to provide an 86-cent admission price to its 3:45 p.m. "Laser Matinee Show," geared for children 14 and under.

KUTR's target audience is women ages 25-45. Since the station realizes many of its listeners have large families, the zoo and planetarium birthday ideas are believed to be ideal community promotions that will not only save many families some money and hassle but will also benefit the institutions involved, according to Alan Rider, KUTR promotion director.

As another portion of KUTR's birthday, Gov. Norm Bangerter has declared July "Sounds Like Utah Month" in conjunction with the station's slogan. Salt Lake City has made a similar declaration for KUTR month in July.

The station will be having many on-air giveaways of records, passes, etc., during the month's celebration. It will also be starting a "KUTR Community Club," complete with membership cards that will offer special prizes and business discounts, as well as a direct-mail newsletter.

KUTR has a unique radio format, with its mix of 50 percent music by LDS artists (Jensen Sisters, Janice Perry, etc.) and 50 percent soft adult contemporary music (the likes of Neil Diamond and Barry Manilow). All music is screened for content that may not conform to LDS standards.

(Orem's K-Star station broadcasts 100 percent LDS music, catering to LDS Church members only, while KUTR officials believe their station - with its contemporary mix - fits Utahns in general, not just LDS listeners.)

KUTR was started in July 1985 by Sunrise Communications. A sister station of KLZX (formerly KLTQ), the two stations were purchased for $1.4 million by Phoneix-based Citadel Communications in March. The company also owns a half-dozen other area radio stations.

"LDS artists promote us and we promote them," Rider said. "It's been a very nice marriage. While the station addresses the LDS segment of the population, it's more accurately `addressing Utah's LDS lifestyle.' We're not an arm of the (LDS) Church and we don't preach to listeners.

"We're sort of a mirror that's held up to the community. The station looks for ways to be involved with the community," Rider said.

Rider also said the company has no current plans for KUTR to take over sister station KLZX's more popular FM frequency for simulcasting.

"KUTR has a boutique format," Rider said. "It's one that people will search out."

The station's format, unlike most other Utah radio stations, couldn't survive in any other market of the country. It thrives on what makes Utah different from other states.

The station can be heard from Nephi to the Idaho border although, like most AM stations, it must drastically reduce its transmitting power at night.

**Some of KUTR's popular weekly programs are:

-"Entertainer's Corner," 2:30 p.m. Friday and repeated at 7 p.m. Saturday, interviews LDS musicians.

-"Weekly Top Ten" (LDS music only) 6 p.m. Saturday, as compiled by requests and local record sales.

- "Reflections," Monday through Saturday, 10 p.m.-1 a.m., features a softer blend of music.

- "Trade Winds," Monday through Saturday at 9:05 a.m., features buying, selling or trading on the air.

- "The Golden Age of Radio Theater," 9-10 p.m. Monday through Friday, offers old-time radio programs, both comedy and drama, like "Fibber McGee and Molly," "The Shadow" and "Nightbeat."

- "Living Scriptures" are presented at 5:05 a.m., Tuesday through Saturday, featuring dramatized scripture readings. Also, LDS fireside speeches are broadcast each Sunday at 5 p.m.

**KUTR's current lineup of radio personalities is:

6-10 a.m. - Bob Whitney.

10 a.m.-2 p.m. - Greg Heuser.

2-6 p.m. - Wayne Carlson.

6-12 p.m. - Ray Friess.

Midnight-6 a.m. - Steve Moore.

**KUTR's studios are located at 180 S. Third West and the station also broadcasts NBC Radio News programs.