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On the 20th anniversary of his baptism into the Church, Eduardo A. Lamartine, 39, will be serving as president of the Chile Vina del Mar Mission.

He's been a stake president or regional representative more than half the time he's been a member. Pres. Lamartine is among the young - but experienced - generation of Chilean leaders who are carrying the Church forward in their homeland. He served as regional representative for four years and president of two stakes for a total of seven years.Pres. Lamartine was baptized Sept. 6, 1968, although the missionaries had first knocked on the door of his home several years earlier.

"I was religious as a child," he explained. "When I read the pamphlet with Joseph Smith's testimony, I felt something special." Although he later lost track of the missionaries when his parents were not interested, "I always felt that special feeling in my heart about the testimony of Joseph Smith."

A few years later, an acquaintance again introduced him to the missionaries, and he was taught the lessons in homes of members. This time, "I had a beautiful experience," he said. He attended church and felt the same spirit again. He joined the Church and has never looked back.

Since that time he has worked in the Church Educational System and was area director at the time of his calling as mission president. He and his wife, Luisa, are parents of two children. He's also brought several family members, including his mother, into the Church.

"Many hearts are being touched by the gospel in this land," he said. "There are some who don't understand the truth, but little by little they are changing."