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The sheriff has been hearing a lot about the Lizard Man, 7 feet tall with red eyes and three fingers on each hand, but a state biologist says everybody would be better off looking for a red fox or a muddy drunk.

Christopher Davis, 17, told Sheriff Liston Truesdale he had been attacked several weeks ago by the creature in Scape Ore Swamp as the teenager was changing a flat tire about 2 a.m.The swamp was swamped Tuesday with TV crews and other curious people hoping to catch a glimpse of the creature. Truesdale said he is getting other calls from people who said they saw it, "and these are reputable people."

"We're running down a whole lot of rumors, but we'll cover what we can," the sheriff said. Davis has agreed to undergo hypnosis to see if he can remember more.

Truesdale called in biologist Matt Knox of the state Wildlife and Marine Resources Department after Tom and Mary Waye reported their car had been "chewed up" last week.

The sheriff said he found tracks Tuesday near the the couple's house. He said the tracks don't belong to a cow or deer but could be a bear's.

Knox said the tracks and short hairs he found on the chrome and molding of the car led him to conclude the animal was a red fox. He said samples were sent to the University of Georgia for analysis.

"As far as I'm concerned, it's no wild animal," Knowx said. "All I can guess is it was a man, possibly a drunk" who had been lying in the muddy ditch and got up when Davis pulled over to change his tire.