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Salt Lake City is preparing to expand parking facilities with $30 million in bonds as part of an ongoing improvement program at Salt Lake International Airport, Airport Director Louis E. Miller said.

The city council recently approved an inducement to issue the 20- to 25- year bonds, which will pay for an expanded parking facility and road improvements. Although the inducement does not yet authorize issuance of the bonds, Miller hopes they will be sold within a year.The parking improvements are part of an expansion plan that will include a larger terminal and an additional runway, both of which will increase the airport carrying capacity, Miller said.

A new, four-level parking structure will be built where facilities for short-term parking now are, Miller said. The lower level will be for rental cars while the second level will serve as a drop-off area for passengers brought to the airport by shuttle or car.

The second floor will unclog congestion in the current drop-off area, he said.

The third and fourth levels will be for short-term parking and will increase parking spaces by 600 - from 1,100 to 1,700.

"If all our forecasts stay on target, it looks like that will last us about seven years before we have to expand it again,' Miller said.

The parking structure will be built in a horseshoe so terminal facilities can be expanded around it, Miller said.

Terminal Number Two will be expanded under the aiport's five-year plan, with upgrading of baggage claims areas, ticketing counters and a new lounge for Delta Airlines, the largest carrier at the airport. The $10 million project will also include a control tower for Delta, Miller said.

The next five-year plan includes completion of environmental planning and mitigation programs for construction of a third runway, which will cost $75 million by its 1994 opening date, Miller said.